Make Healthy Teeth a Reality and Not Just a Goal in Port Orange, FL

Tooth pain and a less-than-beautiful smile are correctable conditions for the dental pain relief clinic in Port Orange, FL. Click the link below to learn about the many procedures that can address any dental concern you have. From wisdom tooth surgery to treating oral pathologies, the team of oral specialists can perform a wide variety of curative and corrective procedures relating to the mouth, teeth, and facial regions.

Oral Surgery Processes

The maxillofacial surgeons at the dental pain relief clinic in Port Orange, FL, are trained to diagnose jaw alignment issues and injuries requiring surgical intervention. Procedures available to you include:

• Tooth extractions

• Dental implants

• Dental emergencies and facial trauma

• And many more

Click the link below to review the many procedures available. Don’t live with tooth pain or an unattractive smile. The team of caring dental technicians and surgeons attend to you every step of the way.

Typical Instructions Concerning Procedures

Caring for the patient is the priority in any procedure. Throughout any process, the compassionate staff keeps you informed of necessary instructions. Specialized care instructions follow practices such as:

• After dental implant surgery

• After wisdom tooth removal

• After impacted tooth exposure

• And more

Feel confident that you are in good hands with professionals possessing superior attention to detail, excellent interpersonal skills, and patience.

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To learn more about the dental pain relief clinic in Port Orange, FL, visit Cardinal Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates online at or call (386) 445-0555.

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