Luxury Condos For Sale In Santa Monica Offer Many Features

If you are like many people, you want to live in sunny and warm California, but may not know how to go about finding a place. Luxury condos are for sale in Santa Monica, making it an easier choice. While you will get the feeling of living in a house, you’ll also get to take advantage of all the various features available.

Residential Features

When considering a condo, you’ll want to think about the residential features you want, such as extra space, modern appliances, modern styles, elegance all around and more. You may wish to consider the details, such as marble countertops, specialty features, walnut vanities, chrome hardware and other features. Many places will offer a walk-in, standing shower, but you may want one that offers both a shower and soaking tub feature, for those nights where you need more relaxation.


The amenities are usually where people go crazy and get extremely excited because they can range from pools to fitness centers. Lounges are especially attractive, which feature fireplaces, ocean views, kitchens and more for residents only, so you’ll always have a place to go. Concierge service is also a luxury that many condos for sale offer, especially in the Santa Monica area. Fitness centers can help you stay on track with your fitness goals.


Next, you’ll want to consider the property itself. As most people will tell you, location is vital. You’ll wish to be in the heart of the city so that you can quickly get to fun events, but you’ll also want the outside to look inviting and fun. Many buildings offer outdoor parks that are for residents only, but other parks may be nearby, meaning you can experience nature whenever the mood strikes.

Other Benefits

In most cases, the condo building will also offer other benefits for members or residents, such as personal shoppers, special offers, secure storage and on-site parking. They may also welcome pets, and may include an on-site spa just for your furry friend, which can make your life a little easier.


When considering a condo, you’ll also want to check out the area to ensure it meets your expectations. Attractions in the area can include the Pier, Tongva Park, the Beach, fine dining options, fun shopping options and much more. You want to ensure you won’t be bored whenever you aren’t busy or enjoying your personal space.

Luxury condos for sale in Santa Monica offers various features to make your life easier. Visit The Waverly online today to find out more, see their brochure or see what’s available.


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