Looking for Good Golf Courses, Find Them in the Chicago Suburbs

by | May 30, 2018 | Sports And Games

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As a golfer, you will no doubt have asked yourself, “what it is about the golf courses you play that makes them your favorites?” All courses are different, although the courses in the Chicago suburbs have features that separate them from other courses. The condition of the course has a lot to do with it, but what other things set these courses apart?


When you play a hole with a water hazard or bunkers in the fairway and around the green, ask yourself why they are positioned where they are. If it is expected that you will approach the green with a long iron, chances are the front of the green is clear. A short par 4, on the other hand, will have the bunker placed to intercept a wedge approach shot.

Short holes often have narrow fairways while long holes provide the golfer with a little more room for error. This approach makes golf courses a little less demanding for average players.


Many of the better courses in the Chicago suburbs have a nice mix of long and short holes, doglegs in both direction, and bunkers. When you consider the entire course, these differences all tend to work well, often based on the layout and size of the property. You might even think of beautiful golf courses as “landscape art.” Every hole should be designed to accommodate and accentuate the surroundings.


Routing is a primary design feature for the best courses. Every course in the Chicago suburbs has a prevailing wind during the season; golf course architects consider this fact. With the abundance of land outside the city, course designers route the holes in a variety of directions, making for an interesting and enjoyable game.

There are numerous golf courses around Chicagoland. If you are looking for an enjoyable game in the Chicago suburbs, book a tee time at Carriage Greens Country Club. For information on the course, visit https://www.carriagegreens.com.

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