Logging Readings with the Fluke 289

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Electronics and Electrical

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You may find that there are a number of times that you have the need to log your data over time from your Fluke 289. This is especially the case when you have an intermittent problem that you need to troubleshoot. You can also use this to produce a report that documents the currents, voltages and other information.

Any of the functions that you see displayed on the operations dial on the front of the device, you will be able to record over time. You simply need to use the record feature that is included on this digital multimeter.

Accessing the Record Function on the Digital Multimeter

To access the record function featured on the Fluke 289 digital multimeter, you begin by pressing the save key. This will bring up the record menu for you. From here, you will be able to record and save one piece of data, which will include a date and time stamp. In addition, you will also be able to record over time.

When you highlight “Record” and press the button to select, you will have to set your parameters. You will need to determine how long you want to record, as well as the frequency at which you want to take the measurements. Once you have that all set up, you need to simply press the button for start.

Start Recording

Now the Fluke 289 should start to record. There are actually two pieces of data that are being recorded. It is finding both the interval samples where it will take a reading depending on you set it, such as every second.

This device will also be recording events at the same time. If something should take place outside of the normal parameters, it will be recorded by the digital multimeter as an event.

Therefore, you actually have to separate data points that are going at the same time. One of them is for high speed events and the other one is for whatever time cycling that you set.

Once you press the stop key, you will be presented with the option to save the recording as a data record. You can also choose to trend it right on the Fluke 289 itself. You will be able to see if there are any events or dropouts without the need to download all the data to your desktop computer.

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