Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Towing in Roanoke Virginia

When most people think of towing, they think of cars breaking down on the side of the road. But a tow truck has more to take care of than just small cars or SUVs. From light duty to Heavy Duty Truck Towing Roanoke Virginia area, Mitchell’s Towing and Recovery can help you find the right tow truck to fit your needs.

Light Duty

If you have a small car to be towed, like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Prius, almost any tow truck can do the job. Light duty towing covers not only broken-down vehicles on the side of the road, but also includes accident recovery and towing vehicles from private property.

Medium Duty

Medium duty towing requires some more specialized equipment to tow vehicles such as vans, motorhomes and RVs, or box trucks. Equipment such as landolls, automatic trailers or low-profile trailers, and boom lifts may be necessary to move these bulkier vehicles.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing requires the most specialization. Very large and heavy vehicles like semi-trailers, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and even farm equipment need a tow truck that is capable of lifting and moving the extra tons safely. Schedule an appointment ahead of time to make sure the company you’ve contacted has the right equipment for the job.

Whether you only need a small passenger vehicle towed or need heavy duty truck towing Roanoke Virginia, schedule an appointment with Mitchell’s Towing and Recovery today. Call or contact us on our website.

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