Lemon Autos and Lemon-Aid

Massachusetts new car buyers have good reason to expect their cars to operate well and provide reliable transportation. When a new car has a serious problem, it may be a lemon- a defective vehicle. The prices of new vehicles constitute a major investment for most US households and manufacturers offer remarkable quality and technology. Despite manufacturer’s efforts, many new cars have significant structural or mechanical issues that affect the operation and safety of the vehicle. If you purchase a defective vehicle, then you may have rights under the Massachusetts Lemon Law new car warranty.

The Massachusetts Lemon law protects consumers that purchase a new vehicle from a new car dealership. The law requires manufacturers to repair, adjust, or replace vehicles that have substantial defects. In Massachusetts, defective vehicles are those that cannot be repaired after three attempts involving 15 or more days of lost service due to repairs.

The law protects consumers by requiring manufacturers to provide remedies to compensate for the loss of use and value. The law has a limitation of the earlier of 15,000 miles or one-year from the date of purchase. The Massachusetts Lemon Law new car protections provide a legal basis for consumers to get meaningful relief. The statute applies to purchase or lease from a new-car dealer in Massachusetts. It covers all new cars, trucks, or motorcycles purchased or leased for personal or family purposes.

The remedies under Lemon law include major repairs, extended warranty, a buyback and new vehicle replacement, and legal fees. If you have a new vehicle that has a serious issue, then you should call for a no-cost consultation. At Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®, we take the worry out of your Massachusetts Lemon law new car claim and work to get the full benefits provided by law. Call or visit online today.

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