Latest Technology Used in Foundation Rehabilitation in Maumee, OH

The latest technology used in Foundation Rehabilitation in Maumee OH, results in a twenty-year warranty. Repairing a foundation is less intrusive and less expensive than rebuilding one. Traditional methods, such as installing concrete piers, using pylons, and lifting the foundation with hydraulic jacks, can still be used in certain situations and are often the best solutions. Placing beams every four to six feet and attaching them to the floor joists is also an option, as are carbon fiber strips in the wall to support walls and avoid foundation failure. These methods, however, do little to address the crumbling of the walls and floors that can lead to foundation damage.

Various drainage repairs and improvement methods can help prevent further water damage to a basement or foundation but will only work if completed before extensive damage is done. Interior repairs include removal of parts of the concrete floor, installing a new drainage system, and covering it with river rock aggregate. Walls are perforated to allow excess water to drain freely, and a polymer board system is installed and attached to the walls. Exterior repairs are the last resort to rebuilding a new foundation, and it is with this process that new technology makes a huge difference. Walls are excavated, cleaned, and cracks and holes are filled. The drainage system is inspected so an appropriate system can be determined to fix the problem. Once the new drainage system is installed and covered with rocks and porous fabric, a Griffolyn TX-1200 cord-grid, three-ply laminate polyethylene vapor barrier is installed.

This barrier provides increased strength and durability for the foundation. Moisture will be inhibited and cold crack resistance will eliminate failures. The barrier also resists tears, scratches, and punctures. It can be installed quickly to prevent any further damage and eliminate the need for any more repairs to the foundation. The cost savings is significant compared to rebuilding a foundation, and free estimates are available. Customers can go to website to get detailed information about the technology and see a demonstration of the process. Certified contractors can inspect the basement and foundation, assess the extent of the damage, and recommend solutions for Foundation Rehabilitation in Maumee OH.

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