Landscaping Applications for Different Sizes of Rock in Austin, TX

Professional landscapers use rocks of all sizes to improve drainage, create walkways, accent gardens, and create unique visual appeal. Homeowners can do the same, but first, they must learn about the different sizes of rock in Austin, TX and how each of these types of stone can be used to improve their homes’ landscapes. Read on to get started.

Boulders and Landscape Rocks

Homeowners can use boulders and larger stones as visual focal points in Zen gardens, desert gardens, and other unique, climate-appropriate landscapes. Large rocks can also be used to create retaining walls and, if they’re big enough, barriers to control the flow of vehicle traffic. Creative homeowners sometimes use boulders to create benches and other hardscaping features, as well.

Quarry Spalls

Quarry spalls are usually two to four inches in size. They’re larger than most river rocks and crushed stone and can be used to complete several types of landscaping projects. Some homeowners use quarry spalls to create smaller retaining walls, while others use them to stabilize wet soils prior to installing gazebos and other hardscaping elements.

River Rocks

Most river rock in Austin, TX is between one and two inches in diameter. River rocks are smooth, which makes them perfect for walkways, driveways, and gravel patios since they’re comfortable to walk on. Unique, natural coloring also makes river rocks perfect for adding decorative elements to gardens and water features.

Crushed Gravel

Crushed gravel is a man-made stone that has sharper edges and smaller pieces than river rock. It is usually 5/8 of an inch or smaller in diameter and is ideal for creating support beds for driveways and patios. Homeowners shouldn’t use it for gravel walkways, though, as its sharp edges can be hard on bare feet.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is one of the smallest types of stone available. It’s great for use near pools, on pathways, or in playground areas. Some homeowners also use pea gravel to create decorative elements in gardens, aquariums, or fountains.

Find the Right Rock Today

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