Knowing When You Should Contact an Attorney in Knoxville About Disability

After filing for disability, you might discover that you don’t understand the legal aspects of the situation. An attorney can be of assistance in numerous ways from the time you complete the application to the time you receive your funds. Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you know when you should contact an attorney.

Before Filing

If you’re considering filing for disability, then you should go ahead and contact an attorney so that you can learn about the overall process and what you might be able to expect. A disability attorney in Knoxville can answer questions that you might have about how soon the application needs to be filed and when you should expect an answer.


After hearing back about your application, you might be surprised that you were turned down. A disability attorney in Knoxville can discuss the options that you have for appealing the decision. Sometimes, you might need to appeal multiple times before you finally get approval from the Social Security Administration or from the court. Once you are approved, you’ll likely receive payments that date back to the original application date.

Severe Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that is severe or that is terminal, then you want to try to have your disability application processed and approved as quickly as possible. A disability attorney in Knoxville can work with you to submit all of the paperwork that is needed and can approach the SSA and court on your behalf so that you receive benefits as soon as possible.

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