Know Your Rights with Personal Injury Law in Lafayette LA

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Personal Injury Lawyer

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Injuries can be devastating to a person’s life. These injuries can create large costs for medical care and treatments. They can also cause a person to be unable to work and support their family. Unfortunately, many of these types of injuries and accidents are caused by another person’s negligence. In these cases, the responsible party should pay these costs. Fortunately, there are people experienced in Personal Injury Law in Lafayette LA that can assist in these situations.

Car accidents

Car accidents happen at an alarming rate in this country. Many of these accidents can cause severe injuries and even death. Most accidents are caused by one driver’s inability to follow the rules of the road. Drugs and alcohol, distractions, such as texting, even reckless driving can devastating accidents that injure innocent people. In these situations, the responsible driver should pay any and all costs associated with the accident, including property damage, medical bills, and loss of work.

Business accidents

Whether a customer or an employee, an accident at a place of business can also cause serious injuries. When the owner of the business is responsible for not keeping the premises safe, they should pay for the damages. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult process when attempting to get the responsible party to pay for these damage. A lawyer can help with Personal Injury Law in Lafayette LA to ensure they pay all damages associated with their negligence.

Insurance companies

In many of these incidents, as well as other injury cases, such as medical malpractice issues, an insurance company is often the party that will pay the costs. Unfortunately, these companies are for profit businesses. This prompts them to keep their payouts as low as possible. Often, they can push the injured party to sign a settlement agreement quickly, often before the full costs of the injuries are known. This can leave much of these costs left to the injured party.

Fortunately, there are people available to help in all these situations. They are experienced in the law and can fight to get the compensation needed and deserved. They can even work directly with the insurance companies to get a fair settlement. If the case needs to go to court, they can represent the injured party to ensure a fair hearing. For more information visit

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