Know When You Might Need Professional Water Line Repair

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Plumbing

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Water line repair in Park Ridge is a task you want to complete promptly should a problem present itself. There are several signs that might occur if this element of your plumbing is either busted or in failing condition. It is important to know what these are so that you can get any necessary repairs done quickly.

Sewage Blockages and Backups

This is a common sign of this issue and it generally occurs in the lowest open drain in your home. The backing up might happen when you dry to run water down the sink or flush the toilet. It can also occur with a bathtub drain. Remember that the main line is what all of your drains rely on, so if there is a problem with it, you might experience this. To know more, click here.

Sewer Gas Smell

This is an odor that you cannot ignore because it can easily infiltrate your entire home. When it is present, it generally indicates that you have a crack in the line somewhere. A home’s sanitary sewer should be completely airtight, so when it is in good condition, no odors are able to escape.

Changes in Your Lawn or Grass

When this line is leaking, you might eventually notice that you have areas of grass that are extra lush and green. This can happen because sewage is a natural fertilizer, giving your grass a wealth of necessary nutrients to make it healthier. Indentations in your lawn are also possible. If this is happening, it is because the soil in the affected area can start to dissipate. The indentation could also be something that you see below any pavers that are in your yard, so keep an eye on these too.

With this information, you can better determine when you might need to seek water line repair in Park Ridge. The sooner you get the fixes made, the lesser the risk of more serious issues being able to happen.

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