Keeping Your Pet Healthy in Spring

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Animal Hospital

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As spring gets closer and closer, it’s a good time to talk about how you can provide the best pet care to keep your pet healthy in this season. While winter has its own set of pitfalls, there are a few things that spring brings up that are important to note. We’ll look at some of these things to give you a primer on how best to care for your cat or dog.

Vehicle Awareness

Many people enjoy going out in spring to drive around and appreciate the nicer weather. In many cases, the family dog loves these drives as well. That’s why it’s important to understand the dangers that can be associated with frequent drives. For one thing, long drives lead to the release of emissions, which can be harmful for humans as well as animals. For another, if you allow your pet to stick his head out the window while you drive, injuries can happen. Dust can get in their eyes or winds can contribute to your furry pal getting an ear infection.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should never leave your dog or cat in a parked car when the weather is warm, no matter if the windows are cracked. Temperatures can go up quickly and cause injuries or even death.

Proper Hydration

You have to ensure your pet has fresh water to drink from, especially when it’s warm outside. Water from puddles can cause digestive troubles, as can other types of water outside. If you see water that you wouldn’t drink, don’t let your dog or cat lap it up, either. Bring along an appropriate amount of fresh water for your buddy.

Protection from the Sun

You may have never thought about putting sunscreen on your dog, but you should make it part of your routine. Dogs can get sunburns, often on the nose and ears. Stock up on a puppy friendly sunscreen that you can bring with you on ventures outside. If you plan to wear sunscreen, your dog should be doing the same. The doctor at your veterinary hospital may be able to suggest options.

Pesticide Signs

Have you ever noticed yellow signs in yards in the spring? These are often provided by lawn care businesses to let you know pesticides and fertilizers have been used. These are dangerous for pets if they ingest them. Keep your dog away from these lawns to avoid health problems.

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