Keeping Your Important Documents Safe During a Long-Distance Move

If you have hired long distance movers in Louisville, that means that a lot of the stress of traveling with valuables is off your plate. However, there are some things that you will want to keep with you during the journey from your old home to your new home. Items like social security cards, bank documents, and passports are best kept elsewhere to avoid any chance of them being lost or damaged during the move.

What You Will Need

You want to be sure that you have your important documents accessible and safe while you are on the move. The best way to do this is by purchasing a portable file box. Try to find one that has a secure latch and a lid that is attached to the box. You will also want folders that fit the lock box, so you can organize your valuable documents.

Organizing the Documents

The next step is to sort through your documents and papers. You’ll want to put documents that are similar in the same folders, which will then be placed in the file box. By using folders that are various colors, it can be easy to find documents as they are needed. Once everything is organized and packed up in the box, mark the box so it is clear it should not be moved with the rest of your belongings by your long distance movers in Louisville.

Safety & Security

There are multiple ways to make sure your documents are secure during the move. The easiest option for most is to bring these documents along with them on the drive to the new home. However, if you plan to make many stops along the way, you may want to choose one person in the vehicle to keep an eye on the file box before and after leaving the vehicle.

Other possibilities include making digital backups of your documents, so the physical documents can stay in a safety deposit box or other safe place. You can also ask someone you trust to hold onto the documents until you need them after the move. The answer you choose will depend upon your own preferences.

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