K9 Dogs are Committed to Serve and Need Protection from Extreme Temperatures

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Automotive

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Police officers have a large amount of equipment that is required to help simplify their job. This equipment is widely utilized by all areas of law enforcement and over time becomes especially important to officers. There is a distinct contributor to the well-being and job performance of some officers that not everyone will understand. The K9 dog pledges a commitment to his officer, better known as his partner from the first moment of contact. The dog makes every effort to protect their officers and provides skilled assistance in the field. Therefore, the officer is extremely dedicated to the care of his K9 and makes every effort to assure that his needs are always met. Extremely hot temperatures can become very dangerous for K9 dogs and a K9 heat alarm system is a good tool to safeguard against the dangerous conditions of hot weather.

Necessary Precautions

There are numerous reports of dogs dying from heat exhaustion from being left in overheated vehicles. The lack of attention given to the statistics that support an increase in annual death reports of dogs from heat exposure is one reason that these cases continue to rise. Law enforcement officers take on a huge responsibility when they enlist K9 dogs to assist their officers and they are entitled to provide the safest conditions for the dog at all time. The K9 heat alarm system is a precautionary method that warns of unsafe temperatures and can prevent unfortunate accidents and even death from occurring when the weather is too hot.

The System

K9 heat alarm systems are remarkable units that are used to monitor the temperatures inside of police cruisers. In addition to monitoring, they also sound off an alert if the temperature of the cabin rises above a safe degree. Most remarkably, there are door opening systems included that immediately opens the door for the K9 to escape the heated car if the officer takes too long to respond to the alert of the alarm. The most important aspect of the system is that it sets off visual, audible and digital alarms to warn or alert others of the problem. This is one of the most advanced and highly recommended pieces of equipment for officers with K9 dogs. Heat can be exhausting for humans and even more exhausting to dogs. Protect them by taking the necessary precautions to keep them cool in extremely hot temperatures.

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