Jail Inmates Can See Visitors While Waiting for Assistance from Bail Bond Agents in Trumbull, CT

After a person has been arrested and taken to jail, there may be a delay of at least several days before pretrial release becomes possible. The defendant may need to wait for a judge to set bail at a hearing. Often, the amount is too high to pay, and a family member must contact bail bond agents in Trumbull, CT for assistance. Even then, it can take time to acquire the money for the service fee if this individual doesn’t have a credit card or any money in savings.

Visitors Allowed

As the defendant waits to be released with the help of an agency like Aces Bail Bonds, they will naturally want to know whether visitors are allowed. The rules vary by facility, but county jails generally do allow visitors with certain restrictions. It’s usually easier for friends and family to visit the defendant compared with visiting someone in state prison, which may be a long way from home.

Examples of Visit Schedules

Some jails have liberal visitation while others do not. An inmate might only be allowed to have visitors one day per week, for example. They might only be allowed to have two or three visitors maximum on that day. Some jails allow two visiting days per week for each inmate. Visits must typically be scheduled beforehand so jail staff members know who to expect. Remote visits may be allowed through digital access as well.

Considerations for Visitors

Visitors are expected to adhere to posted dress codes, which can often be found on the sheriff’s department website. They can expect to be screened by a metal detector. They might not be allowed to bring anything to the inmate, including magazines, personal mail or belongings the inmate wants in the cell.

It’s no wonder defendants are so anxious to receive assistance from bail bond agents in Trumbull, CT so they can get back to their life. They have not yet even been convicted of a crime, but are being treated as if they were. Visit us online at our website to find out how our bonding agency can help you.

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