Jail Bonds: Your Ticket to a Quick Prison Release

You may have seen a court scene in which the judge announces a bail of a certain amount. The defendant may not be able to pay that amount. If he can’t he will have to stay in jail until his trial. Sometimes bail may be as low as $50 or as high as $100000. Whatever the amount, it may be difficult for the defendant to pay his bail. The only way that he can get to go home while awaiting his trial is if he pays the jail bond.

This means that he may be able to hire agents or bail bondsmen to pay his money for him. He will pay a small amount of money to the agent, and the agent will pay the full bail amount to the court. In return the bail bondsman will guarantee the court that his client is not a ‘flight risk’.

So how does the bail bondsman make money from this process? If his client goes regularly to court on the days that he is called, then at the end of the trail the court will refund the bail money. The bonds agent will then get back the money that he has paid to the court. Moreover, he would have made a a profit from the premium paid to him by his client.

Why is the bail system in place? The upkeep of a prisoner in prison can cost taxpayers a lot of money. The court may be spending an amount of about 1000 dollars of taxpayers money on an average for feeding, clothing and housing each inmate per month. To save this money, the court gives the defendant a chance to stay out of prison. If he has good behavior and turns up for his court hearings, then he may be granted the chance to get bail.

Of course the bail bondman is taking a risk in paying bail for his client. There is always a chance that the client may not turn up for court sessions, in which case the court will not refund the bail amount. The bail bondsman stands to lose money if that happens. So as a measure of security, a bail bondsman will usually ask his client to appoint a guarantor who will ensure that the money is paid.

If you find yourself facing charges and unable to pay your jail bonds, Williamson County TX bail bondsmen will be able to help you pay your way out of prison. You can then spend time with your family and prepare for the day of your trial in peace.

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