Items to Consider with a Bath Remodel

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Remodeling

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The need to remodel the bathroom is usually pretty obvious. The amount of remodeling that has to be done depends on the age of the bathroom, the amount of damage that has occurred and the bathroom’s original layout. Before diving into the remodel, these are a few things to consider about how far the redesign should go.

Make a list for the Bath Remodel about what the priorities are for the bathroom. If there are obvious signs of water or mold, those items should be listed first. The list should be prioritized in order of importance to ensure that the items that need to be fixed are given the appropriate amount of the budget. Depending on the budget, the remodel may have to be done in different phases with the most critical repairs coming first.

After the list has been made and prioritized, the bigger items can be considered. Changing the layout of the bathroom will require a full remodel. This is because the fundamental items such as the piping and drains will need to be changed. The electrical outlets may also need to be reconfigured to accommodate any changes that are made to the layout. If the layout is not going to be touched, the remodeling won’t be quite as intensive since items can be reused as needed.

The budget is another limiting factor on how far the Bath Remodel can go. Budgets should be concentrated on the most critical items. Since some problems are only revealed as the demolition is completed, a contingency must also be built into the budget. This is an addition to whatever amount is allotted to the actual renovations. Bathrooms are notorious for their hidden water damage as well as mold issues. Typically, this is found when showers are demolished and under the sink where issues have been hiding out.

Remodeling a bathroom is dependent on what type of shape that it is in to start out with. While the most critical items should be identified first and listed on the budget items, there are always surprises hiding in bathrooms. To get help on planning and budgeting for the remodel, contact American Bath Inc.

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