Issues to Discuss with the Roofers in Loveland CO

Roofing structures are customized to meet the needs of every home. While roofs are all different shapes and sizes, any breach in the integrity can cause major problems. These are a few items to discuss with the roofers.

Reoccurring leakage is one key issue to discuss with the Roofers in Loveland CO. If a patch hasn’t worked or keeps failing, the cause of the leakage will have to be investigated. There can be multiple issues such as degraded plywood or water being directed to that specific point on the roof. This can cause the leakage to continually occur even after it has been patched. A larger area around the patch may have to be removed to uncover the source of the problem.

Loose shingles are another item to discuss. Even when they have been installed properly, loose shingles can occur after a storm or a strong wind. They can also be loosened when the material underneath them has disintegrated. Unfortunately, loose shingles cannot be typically seen from the ground level. If there is a suspicion that the shingles have become damaged after a storm, the roof will need to undergo a thorough inspection to identify the areas where this has occurred. The material underneath will also need to be inspected to ensure it is a stable platform for attaching the shingles.

Dips in the roof line can indicate structural issues. If dips are spotted, it is usually due to a failure in the support system. This issue should be discussed with the Roofers in Loveland CO because the integrity of the roof is compromised. While the dip could be a highly serious issue such as the complete failure of the roofing support beam, it can also be caused by water damage to the plywood sections. The roofing will have to be removed in the area to discover the cause.

Roofing issues can occur at any time. Reoccurring leaks, loose shingles, and dramatic changes in the roof line are all indications that problems are occurring. If not addressed, these issues will lead to significant roof damage. An investigation will need to be conducted to find out the extent of the damage and the solution that will fix the problem.

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