Is Your Home Infested With Bed Bugs in St. Paul?

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Pest Control

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Dealing with a bed bug infestation can often be difficult because homeowners are not aware they have a problem until it becomes serious. While bed bugs do not spread disease or cause a true danger to humans or pets, they do inflict bites that can become painful and itchy. It is imperative individuals are aware of what they can look for to determine if they have a problem with Bed Bugs in St. Paul.

These signs should alert homeowners there are bed bugs present.

     *     Streaks of blood left on bedding and pillows

     *     Itchy, red bites that tend to form in lines

     *     Residue that looks like coffee grounds in bedding

     *     Yellow, elongated shells in bedding, carpeting, and furniture

     *     Yellow elongated larvae in bedding, carpeting, and furniture

Bites alone will not allow a homeowner to know if they have Bed Bugs in St. Paul. It is even difficult for a doctor to be able to give a sure diagnosis of a bed bug bite. If bites are occurring, seemingly overnight, it behooves a homeowner to begin investigating their home, especially their bedding. If these signs are present, a homeowner needs to promptly call an exterminator so the bed bug population can be removed from the home.

Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves with a bed bug problem because they bring them home with them after traveling. Bed bugs may also be picked up by purchasing thrift and yard sale items. It is imperative individuals are cautious on the items they purchase and carefully inspect them to ensure no bed bugs are present.

Bed bugs are good hiders and may hang out in walls and crevices that can make them difficult to detect. If a homeowner suspects they may have a problem with bed bugs, it behooves them to have their property inspected so a proper diagnosis can be made.

If you are dealing with a bed bug problem, contact the professionals at Be There 4 You. They can help you learn if you truly have bed bugs living in your home and can work to make sure they are eradicated, so the home is safe for your family.

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