Is Your Healthcare RCM Doing Enough for You, or Is It Costing You Money?

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Healthcare

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How efficient is your medical organization’s RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) process? With automation being paramount, every healthcare practice needs a productive RCM strategy. Many RCM-enabled clinical practices struggle with compliance, direct (private) patient payment, staff retention/recruitment, productivity, integration, etc. If you’re struggling with similar anomalies in your RCM strategy, you’ll find our recommendations below tremendously helpful.

What makes an RCM strategy productive?

The core pillars of any successful healthcare RCM strategy include the workforce, information, technology, and the process. If you are struggling, you certainly cannot continue this fruitless avenue when you want to maximize your clinic’s revenue. First, you should distinguish the pain points that need improvement.

Leveraging data intelligence

We recommend using a business intelligent RCM software that delivers real-time data reports. With this, you’ll stay abreast of any developments or irregularities that need your attention. If your RCM tool isn’t providing credible, trackable information, you’re possibly losing considerable revenue. Errors put your healthcare practice at risk to nonpayment and delayed reimbursement. We strive to ensure this doesn’t become your clinic’s reality.

How does technology optimize production?

With a robust RCM technology infrastructure, we guarantee you’ll appreciate the positives of seamless processes, with remunerative productivity gains. If you take our shrewd advice and implement a cutting-edge RCM system, you’ll find that tracking revenue isn’t necessarily complicated. However, choosing the wrong RCM client might needlessly complicate things. Moreover, major hospitals, clinics, and medical centers that receive an influx of patients will benefit from healthcare RCM automation. Your preferred RCM system should include the safest information security services to mitigate any imminent threats.

Valuing human assets

Your human assets (employees) are extraordinarily invaluable. Without their contribution, you cannot achieve your RCM goals. You need capable, knowledgeable professionals with experience in EDI (electronic data interchange), billing/collections, compliance, customer service, coding, and more.

Staying true to the process

RCM systems require absolute adherence to generate positive outcomes. We’re confident you’ll find that you achieve compliance easier when you follow protocol. The process calls for an incredible amount of patience, discipline, structure, and data to drive sustainable revenue growth. You need a consistent strategy that emphasizes a precise routine for all aspects of the operation, including data collection, AR processing, specialist prioritization, automation, claims submission, etc.

Need help? Let’s get on it!

With extensive experience implementing RCM systems for the healthcare sector, we’re aware of the incredible challenges you face. Whether you need help with information security, infrastructure risk management, compliance, or BCP (Business Continuity Planning), GeBBS Healthcare Solutions has ready-to-go solutions for you. We command a capable workforce, all of whom are specialists in their respective areas. Connect with us for scalable and customizable healthcare solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

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