Is The Time Right to Consider Infertility Treatments in San Antonio, TX?

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Health

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The desire to have children is strong, but nothing seems to be happening. That can trigger a lot of anxiety for a couple. What’s preventing them from conceiving? One of the best ways to get to the bottom of the matter is to visit a clinic and talk with an expert about infertility treatments in San Antonio TX. The professional will be able to help the couple determine if now is the time to try giving Mother Nature some help.

How Long Has the Couple Been Trying?

Many couples assume there is a problem because pregnancy does not occur immediately. Like most things in life, conceiving does take time. If the couple has only been trying for a couple of months with no results, now is not the time to start seeking infertility treatments in San Antonio TX. Many experts will recommend that the couple not considers treatments until at least six months have passed. Others will recommend a year before trying any type of infertility treatment.

No Complicating Health Issues

There are times when certain types of health issues are present in one or both parties, and they are not aware of the problems. Before assuming infertility treatments are needed, it pays to undergo comprehensive physical examinations. In some instances, the presence of a health issue making it more difficult to conceive. Treating that underlying condition could be all it takes to allow the couple to conceive naturally.

Age Does Matter

Conceiving is more difficult after the woman has reached the age of 35. While it is still possible to become pregnant without any type of treatment, the odds do decrease. A woman who is 35 or older and has not been able to conceive after six months to a year of trying could benefit from infertility treatments. Assuming that the doctors do not find any health factors that could lead to complications, it makes sense to sit down with an expert and explore different treatment options.

Couples who want children and are having problems conceiving should Visit and learn more about the options. Schedule an appointment and talk with an expert. Doing so will make it possible to decide if the time has come for treatments or if some other strategy should be employed first.

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