Is LASIK Surgery Right for Me?

If you’re tired of wearing glasses or can’t stand the irritation you get from wearing contact lenses, you might want to consider the merits of going for LASIK surgery. If you’re interested, here are a few questions you’ll want to ask before you undergo the procedure:

Is it right for me?

The surgery isn’t recommended for pregnant women, says WebMD. If you have other medical conditions, you will need to check in with your LASIK surgeon. Your doctor will perform tests to make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

Is my doctor qualified?

When you pick a doctor, make sure you choose a LASIK surgeon with the right credentials and qualifications to perform the procedure. A board-certified ophthalmologist is a much safer option. Long-standing experience in eye surgeries won’t hurt either when you choose an eye surgery specialist.

How is the staff?

The training and experience of the doctor aren’t the only thing that matters. Factor in the level of training and experience of the staff members as well. If they’re competent and knowledgeable, then that’s a good enough reason to pick that facility and team.

How far is it?

Is the facility too far from where you are? You might want to look for local facilities that offer this treatment. However, if the quality isn’t as high as you want, then it’s much better to go for long-distance options, so long as they provide you with the best care and treatment possible.

How long will it take?

In many cases, the surgery itself doesn’t last for very long, typically requiring only about 10 minutes for each eye. However, because of the anesthetic shot given to patients, you will need to set aside at least an hour and a half and spend that at the facility before they can allow you to go home. Make sure you bring someone along to drive you back since you won’t be allowed to drive.

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