Invisalign In Elk Grove Village Is The Adult Solution To Straighten Teeth

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Dental Care

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Whatever reasons surrounded you not getting braces as a child it is okay, you do have options, Invisalign is the adult braces that make having straight healthy teeth easy.  Invisalign is the invisible bracing system that can be used to straighten your teeth. There are some “clear” benefits to using this bracing system to get the smile you always wanted that goes beyond the cosmetic benefits. Of course it is nice to have great smile but there are other reasons that you should discuss this option with your dentist.

Good Oral Health

When teeth are crowded it can be very difficult to clean them effectively. Flossing can be more difficult, brushing may not reach all the surfaces of your teeth and it can cause cavities.  Good oral health begins with healthy teeth and gums. Overcrowded or misaligned teeth are usually prone to cavities and other issues.

Longer Lasting Teeth

Hanging on to your natural teeth is important but when they are out of alignment, crowded or crooked they can be prone to dental disease which makes it difficult to preserve your natural teeth. By using the Invisalign system you can:

    *   Preserve the health of your teeth

    *   Increase the longevity of your natural teeth

    *   Enjoy a beautiful smile

Barely Noticeable

This system is ideal for any adult that wants the benefits of braces but that does not want to deal with the hassle of braces. This tray system is easy to use and can be removed to eat and clean the teeth. The clear trays gently reposition the teeth over time. They allow you to wear a bracing system with confidence.  You can talk to Dr. Homann at Brian Homann, DDS about whether the Invisalign system is right for you!

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