Insurance Against Termites? Not From Your Homeowner’s Policy

by | Dec 8, 2011 | Insurance

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Many people are not aware that their homeowner’s insurance policy rarely covers their home against termite damage. In certain circumstances, when termites have entered a home in a flying swarm, a policy may cover damages. However, termites do not normally infest a home in that fashion. Rather, termite damage is normally caused by subterranean termites that tunnel into a home around the foundation.

Contrary to popular lore, termites do not actually eat wood. Instead, they feed on cellulose, one of the compounds in wood. It is also a component of wallpaper and drywall, so termites can damage much more than just the wood of a home. However, it is usually the wooden support structure of the home that most homeowners are the most concerned with. Termites cause up to $5 billion in damages in the United States every year. But if your Tucson home is destroyed, it is not the astronomical numbers that are significant, it is your loss that matters.

The best way to avoid termite damage is to prevent it before it happens. Make sure that there is nothing up against the side of your home like logs, leaves, or other debris. Do not allow grass to become overgrown. Keep tree branches trimmed away from the roof of the house so that termites do not have easy access. Apply caulk to any cracks into your home that you notice. You can also check around the foundation of your home to see if you notice any tunnels that could indicate the presence of termites.

In addition to your own efforts, you can prevent termites by scheduling a yearly inspection of your home with a professional termitecontrol company. If termites are discovered, they can be exterminated immediately and effectively by your pest control company. It is not likely that you would be able to control a termite infestation on your own because colonies of subterranean termites can number hundreds of thousands. A termitecontrol company will have the necessary products to deal with termites in and around your home.

Your house is your largest investment. But more than an investment, it is your home. Do not allow your home to be destroyed by termites or any other pest. Contact your Tucson based termitecontrol company today to schedule an inspection and to arrange for any treatment that is necessary. Even if you do not think you have a problem, schedule a check. Because interior damage may not be noticeable until it is irreparable, and by the time you notice termites or termite damage, it could be too late. Do not delay, call your Tucsontermitecontrol company today.


Insurance Against Termites?

Insurance Against Termites?


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