Insulating And Patching Pipes And Other Services Offered By Plumbers In Bainbridge Island WA

Frigid temperatures can cause water lines to freeze if exterior plumbing isn’t insulated properly. Wrapping thermal tape and foam sleeves around pipes will assist with preventing damage. The steps below describe how to insulate pipes and patch plumbing sections if they are damaged.


* towel
* detergent
* water
* sponge
* towel
* thermal plumbing tape
* scissors
* tape measure
* foam sleeves
* utility knife
* epoxy putty
* silicone tape

Clean Plumbing And Apply Tape

Plumbing should be cleaned and insulated when temperatures are above freezing. A sponge needs to be dampened with soapy water and the sponge can be wiped across pipes that have a dirty exterior. A towel can be used to dry each plumbing section.

Thermal plumbing tape is a product that will add a protective layer to the exterior of each pipe. Tape needs to be wound tightly around plumbing sections until the length of each pipe is covered evenly.

Secure Foam Sleeves

Plumbing pieces that are exposed outdoors or located in a poorly insulated shed or garage can be covered with foam sleeves. Plumbing or building supply stores sell foam sleeves that are a variety of thicknesses and lengths. A sleeve contains a split in its center, allowing the product to be wrapped around pipes.

After using a measuring tape to determine the length and thickness of each pipe that needs to be insulated, the measurements can be used to determine how many sleeves should be purchased. If a sleeve is too long, a utility knife can be used to remove excess foam.

Patch Cracked Plumbing

If plumbing froze prior to being insulated and pipe sections are not going to be replaced immediately, minor cracks can be patched by applying putty and silicone tape around pipes. Epoxy putty is pliable and will provide a waterproof barrier.

After molding putty it can be pressed against the exterior pieces that are damaged. After epoxy has hardened, a couple layers of silicone tape should be wrapped around plumbing sections that have been patched to ensure that each plumbing piece has a sufficient layer of protection added to it.

For additional information about insulating pipes or to receive help with a plumbing project, contact certified Plumbers in Bainbridge Island WA. Installations, troubleshooting, repairs and basic maintenance are some of the services offered by Plumbers in Bainbridge Island WA.

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