Indications for the Need of Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County, MD

Many chimneys were built at the same time the house was constructed. Like all materials, the brick and mortar used in the chimney will age. It is usually the mortar between the bricks that deteriorates the fastest. Once the support structure is gone, the entire chimney can come down. These are some of the signs that the chimney will need to be rebuilt.

Loose bricks in numerous areas are a sign that Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD is needed. Loose bricks indicate that the mortar no longer has the holding power to keep the bricks in place. If this occurs in numerous places, it is a sign that the mortar is deteriorating rapidly all over the chimney. In many cases, the chimney will have to be entirely rebuilt rather than repaired because of the amount of missing mortar.

Holes or missing bricks in the fireplace indicate that the entire chimney is in danger. Often, this is a structural issue. Once the bricks are removed, they no longer provide their vital function of keeping the elements out of the chimney. This can cause the chimney to deteriorate rather rapidly in different locations. This damage can be widespread. The right type of wind can knock over the structure and become a hazard.

The escape of smoke through the seams of the chimney can indicate structural damage has occurred. This will signal the need for Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD. The leakage of smoke means that the mortar has completely disintegrated. The smoke is escaping through those holes. The holes may not be visible if they are near the top of the chimney. The smoke leakage can make this damage visible. Water inside the chimney can also indicate that the chimney has been severely compromised. An inspection may need to be done to determine how fast the chimney will need to come down.

While chimneys are iconic symbols, some can be very old. Over time, the mortar will break down and causes breaches in the integrity of the structure. Once the indications start appearing, the chimney is no longer structurally safe. Click here for more information on the rebuilding process.

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