Increase Campus Safety With University Facility Security Systems

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Computer And Internet

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University security teams face a huge challenge, they need to keep everyone, faculty and students, protected while they’re on campus. The bigger the campus, the more daunting this task can seem. University facility security systems can help. The trick is finding the one that best suits the campuses needs.

When it comes to finding the perfect system for the campus, no one should anticipate a quick solution. The market has several different, really high quality University facility security systems available. Shifting through them and finding the best match will take time and effort. Rushing through the process increases the likelihood of selecting a system that’s nice, but which doesn’t quite provide the hoped for protection, or which is too complicated to be easily used.

Campus security needs to sit down and make a list of the areas that pose the biggest risk to students and faculty, and figure out what it’s going to take to make those areas safer. Video cameras and motion detectors can be used to alert staff that something is going on in these areas, allowing them to send someone out to investigate. Being able to remotely monitor these areas reduces the need for a constant patrol in those trouble areas.

Another issue that needs to be taken into consideration will be the sections of the university, such as labs and medical testing sites, which the university wants to be able to protect. In these sections intruders tend to be the biggest problem. The areas need to be accessible to teachers, students, and researchers. Cameras make it possible to remotely monitor the areas, while keycard or computerized access boxes limit who can and can’t get through the doorways. It’s important to make sure that things can quickly be changed when different people have been allowed access to these areas. These changes generally have to implemented at the end of semesters, and when individuals either join or leave the staff.

Another thing that’s become an increasing concern when discussions about university facility security systems start is the topic of computer safety. Universities have enormous computer networks and keeping these systems safe can be challenging. Some universities have one general set up for students, and have encouraged teachers to take different precautions to limit access to tests and grades.


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