Improving Skin Health with a Low Air Loss Mattress

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Medical Equipment

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Many men and women who spend a lot of time in bed due to a physical limitation or illness suffer from skin deteriorating, infections, and inflammation. This is painful. It is also a condition that can worsen over time and lead to life-threatening complications. You can avoid this by spending less time in bed, but for many people, that is not an option. A low air loss mattress may prove to be a better solution for you in this situation.

How Can a Mattress Help with Skin?

The problem with skin isn’t that it is not moving around, but rather than it is in constant contact with the surface of the bed. As a result, the skin continues to move against that surface, irritating it. It also leads to a higher risk of bacteria developing. That can lead to numerous complications for most individuals. However, with a low air loss mattress, this no longer happens. This type of mattress allows for air to constantly be blown from small holes in the mattress. It is hard to see this, but it is enough to keep the patient constantly elevated off the bed. That works to help reduce the amount of contact a person has with the actual surface.

Over the long term, a low air loss mattress can work to help protect the skin. It can lead to fewer areas of abrasion and deterioration of the skin. It helps current conditions to heal as well. This can help improve the quality of life for any individual who is unable to get out of bed. Take into consideration how this type of mattress can change the way you feel and about your skin. For many, it is a simple way to see significant improvement in your overall health.

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