Improving Lives and Crops Through Products and Services in Lebanon OH

You may think of agronomists as being laboratory scientists. Farmers, though, are agronomists in the field. They are the front line in crop production, soil control, and soil management.

Farmers use the crop production services in Lebanon OH, to ensure their in-field success.

Getting More Per Acre

Farming is a precision endeavor. The precision comes in dealing with multiple uncontrollable variables by using specific methods, such as:

• Soil sampling

• Variable rate seeding

• Field scouting

• Aerial Imagery

• Field tissue sampling and lab inspection

The farmer can review all results using the DataOnTouch digital mobile data platform.


The DataOnTouch platform brings together leading applications, such as:

• Accounting

• Weather

• Mapping

• And more

DataOnTouch applications provide customers with one point of access and storage for their farming data.

ROI Margins Are Crucial

Investments farmers make in equipment and technology are better able to resist limiting factors through the incorporation of approaches like:

• Agronomy insights using data and human expertise

• Crop nutrition through dry and liquid fertilizer products

• Seed and treatments to provide choice of hybrids and varieties

• AG technology that is cutting edge

Farming is a sophisticated industry requiring industry expertise and partnerships throughout the farming community.

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For more information about Co-Alliance, a farmer-owned cooperative, and crop production services in Lebanon, OH, visit online at You can request information, ask questions, and leave comments on their Contact Page or call toll free at (800) 525-0272. You can also email for information at

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