Improve Residential Air Conditioning in Slaton, TX With Regular Filter Changes

Air Conditioning in Slaton TX, is one of the most important systems in a home. This process uses interconnected devices to change indoor air’s temperature and water vapor content. To do this, it’s necessary for an AC system to function right at all times. Regular filter changes can greatly enhance the way an AC system operates. The following information will help a homeowner with this task.

First, find the area where the filter is located. The filter compartment is in the return air duct in many AC systems. Some AC systems have this section around the furnace. After finding this compartment, remove the cover. The access panel and fasteners used to hold it in place should be set to the side. Carefully remove the filter, so dust and debris on its surface don’t escape into the indoor air. Place a disposable filter outside in a plastic bag until it can be disposed of properly. Take a reusable filter outside to clean it. Use the hand attachment of a vacuum to remove dust from the filter compartment.

To clean a reusable filter, make a cleaning solution including one gallon of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Use a vacuum to suction dirt from both sides of the filter. Overlapping strokes can prevent missing debris. Next, shake the filter before using the cleaning solution to wash both sides of the filter. A sponge or old hand towel can be used for this task. Gently wash all parts of the filter without damaging it. Rinse well with a garden hose. Allow the filter to dry before reinstalling it in the housing. For a disposable filter, use the measurements on the old filter to purchase a replacement filter. It’s a good idea to buy a filter with adequate filtration to remove particles from indoor air.

By using these guidelines, a homeowner can enhance his Air Conditioning in Slaton TX, so indoor air is more breathable. It will also make it safer for household occupants with compromised health to live in the home. For details on AC services, please talk to an expert at Duncan Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. & Plumbing. This company offers many services for improved customer satisfaction.

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