Important Principles According to Top Home Interior Designers in Washington D.C.

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Interior Designer

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When it comes to interior design, there may not be any rules per se, but there are a few tricks and tips. By following a few underlying principles according to top home interior designers in Washington D.C., you can achieve home design bliss.

Keep It Real with Space Planning

Space planning comes first and foremost. This means blocking out the spatial areas, planning furniture layout, and defining patterns of circulation. The functional deficiencies of each room must be assessed, and elements must be manipulated in order to best fit the people that live in the home.

Space planning is the best way to create efficiency. You may think that you need more space, more storage, more of everything. Home interior designers in Washington D.C. can guide you toward meeker solutions with proper space planning.

Have a Vision

Once you become aware of the way a space needs to function, it is time to combine that with the atmosphere you desire. Creating a concept for a space is more than simply picking out furniture or choosing a color of paint. You need to have a well thought out vision. You want all the different pieces and elements to come together and tell a story.

Quality Construction and Materials Are Key

Construction and materials affect the way you experience a room. You want materials that have the feel and sound that you desire. Natural materials are always best. Home interior designers in Washington D.C. like to incorporate linen, silk and wool, and add furniture made from solid wood or choose quality antiques.

Put Together Contrasting Elements

One final interior design principle is to combine a variety of patterns, materials, textures and shapes. The difference between these elements will highlight their distinctive properties.

The design experts at Zoe Feldman Design have been decorating homes for many years. This means they understand all the principles of interior design and know how to make them work in any home. Give them a call today at 202-719-8062 extension 1.

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