Importance of Timely Jewelry Repair in Jacksonville

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Custom Jewelry Packaging

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If you own several pieces of jewelry that you love, then it’s inevitable that something on them will need repaired eventually. Many people just leave their jewelry in a box if this happens and never take it in for jewelry repair, but it is actually very important to get broken jewelry fixed in a timely fashion.

How Does Jewelry Get Damaged?

There are several common ways that jewelry can be in need of repair. Damage can occur through daily wear, it might be dropped, or the mount could break and the jewel could fall out, etc. If there is, for instance, a small crack in an inlaid type of jewelry, if you keep wearing it and don’t fix it fast, this will only get worse and could cause you to lose a valuable gem like a diamond or ruby.

Prongs that hold gems in place often get bent, broken or just worn down. This means that you should have your rings inspected every 3-6 months. Depending on how much they are worn. If the damage is caught early, it can be fixed in time to save your gemstones from falling out.

Jewelry Goes Through a Lot of Wear and Tear Every Day

If you, for instance, wear your rings all the time and don’t even take them off to do things like wash dishes, or do some other type of task, they can get caught on something, bang against something, etc. One of the fastest ways to cause premature wear on your jewelry is to wear it to bed. A jeweler can inspect them with special tools and magnifiers to see if they have any damage that needs to be fixed.

Repair and Cleaning Helps Extend the Life of Your Jewelry

Getting your jewelry fixed quickly will extend the life of your rings and other pieces. Cleaning is another part of the maintenance for jewelry that should be done to keep it sparkling and looking great. So, if you own jewelry, be sure to check periodically for damage, wear and tear and dirt so you can get it fixed!

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