How To Shop For Dog Chews For Puppies

Just as children are not smaller people, puppies have different needs than adult dogs. One difference owners quickly notice is the puppy’s need to chew. Most mature dogs have less of a need to chew, but puppies are constantly finding something in their environment, and typically something the owner does not want the puppy to chew.

A positive and proactive way to address the need of the puppy to chew is to provide a top-quality chew. While there are rubber and nylon chew toys to play with, having a nutritious, delicious edible chew bone is a great option for any puppy.

Choose No Rawhide Options

Dog chews for puppies should always be 100% rawhide free. Rawhide is a slow to digest byproduct of leather tanning and is just the thin inner layer of hide. It has no nutritional value at all and may, in some puppies and dogs, creating digestive upsets, blockages or other types of similar health issues.

Choosing dog chews for puppies made of real ingredients such as milk, peanut butter, real chicken and baked pork skin is a healthy snack that is good for the puppy. These same chews should also include essential nutrients and vitamins, important for growth and development.

Online or at Retail Outlets

Today, it is easy to order 100% rawhide free dog chews for puppies through many different online sites. This may include specialized pet food sites or general online sites offering a pet food section.

The manufacturers may also provide information on finding retailers near you to pick up the puppy chews in person. This is often a great option if you want to consider different sizes and shapes and actually see the dog chew before making the purchase.

Puppy owners quickly discover how much these puppy chews are a favorite treat for a dog. Just make sure to limit the chews to one a day for a healthy, balanced diet.

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