How To Read The Labels On Healthy Puppy Chews

Unfortunately, dog food and dog treats are not strictly labeled the same way human food requires. While this is changing, terms such as “healthy” are not regulated in dog food advertising and may not mean what many pet owners assume they mean.

There are specific rules and regulations around what can and cannot be contained in dog foods and chews. However, there is a considerable range of ingredients which are found in even some of the best-known pet food brands. Dog owners just need to look a bit closer at labels to be able to sort the rawhide free healthy puppy chews from the less healthy options.

Rawhide Is Out

There are not healthy puppy chews which are made from rawhide. Rawhide is the thin inner layer of skin on hides sent to a tannery. This inner layer is peeled off and thrown out if it cannot be sold to dog treat manufacturers.

Rawhide is often bleached, treated with chemicals and then pressed, rolled, baked, flavored and smoked to try to make it mildly appealing. When the puppy chews on the rawhide, it creates long, slimy, sticky strings the puppy swallows. This can easily become stuck in the puppy’s throat or cause a blockage in the digestive system.

Natural Ingredients

Similar to human food labeling all pet food treats, including healthy puppy chews, will list the guaranteed analysis as well as the ingredients on the label. The ingredients are listed in the order from most to least by weight.

Good ingredients to see at the top of the list include chicken, pigskin, milk and peanut butter. There will also be vitamins and minerals listed as well as preservatives to prevent the product from spoiling in the package.

By comparing different options in puppy chews and avoiding rawhide, dog owners can find healthy alternatives to satisfy their puppy’s need to chew.

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