How to Prepare for Septic Pumping in Camano Island, WA

Every home has its share of waste, and its got to go somewhere. Many homeowners depend on a septic system to take care of this. Depending on the number of people in the house and the size of the house, the septic tank may need to be pumped every two to four years. This isn’t something you want to put off, as the waste can overflow and leave a serious mess behind. There are several things that a homeowner can do to prepare for Septic Pumping in Camano Island WA.

Locate the Tank and Dig Out the Lid

Some companies include locating the tank and digging out the lid as part of the cost of the Septic Pumping in Camano Island WA. Others may charge extra for this service. Ask about this in advance. It might make sense to go ahead and locate the tank and dig out the lid, giving the professional access to the system as soon as he or she arrives on the scene. If this is included as part of the service, skip this step completely and let the pros handle it.

Make Room for the Truck and Pump

A truck and pump need to be able to get to the septic system. In addition to moving vehicles or other large objects out of the way, make sure there is a clear path free from clutter to the tank. Remember that everything removed from the tank needs to go somewhere. Most of the time, the truck that arrives is going to be sizable. Making room in advance of the truck’s arrival can cut back on the amount of time it takes to get the pumping completed.

Ask About the Contents

Most homeowners don’t want the dirty details of exactly what was inside the septic tank. However, it is important to know how much waste was removed. This can help determine when the septic tank needs to be pumped again. If the tank was close to full, it’s important to schedule a pumping a little sooner next time. If things were minimal inside, it might be okay to extend the time between appointments.

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