How To Prepare For A First Child’s Dentist Visit

It is very important that parents begin teaching their children about good oral health at a very young age. These lessons are something that children will keep with them all the way through adulthood. One very important part of a child’s oral health is regular visits to the dentist. For most children, the first visit to the Child’s Dentist can be a scary experience. There are a few things that parents can do to make their child feel less worried and anxious about the visit.

Children’s Stories

There are many children’s books available that tell the story of the main character going to the dentist for the first time. The stories will often take the main character through the entire process. When the child sees how things work at the dentist, and that the main character was not scared, they will feel better about the visit.

Schedule the Appointment at an Appropriate Time

The time of day that parents schedule their Child’s Dentist visit, can have a great deal to do with how they will behave during the visit. If they are tired or hungry during the visit, they will likely be very uncooperative and fussy during the visit. The optimal time to schedule the appointment would be after the child has had lunch and then a nap.

Avoid Using the Word “Hurt”

When a child goes to the dentist for the first time, parents will explain what happens at the dentist. It is important that parents avoid using the word “hurt”, even if they are trying to tell the child that the dentist visit won’t hurt. When the child hears the word hurt, regardless of the text it is being used in, it can create a great deal of anxiety.

Request a Tour of the Office

If a child is having a very difficult time going to the dentist and the parent cannot calm them down, the parents should contact the office and see if they can set up a tour. This will give the child a chance to see exactly what the office is like. They will get a chance to meet the dentist, the hygienist, and see the equipment that the dentist uses. When some of the mystery is removed from the dentist visit, the child will feel less anxious about the appointment.

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