How To Open A Marijuana Clinic In Florida

Florida is the twenty-sixth state in the United States to adopt the use of marijuana and other whole plant remedies that provides a regulated medical cannabis program.

Medical patients that are qualified to use medical marijuana from their doctor can now legally obtain, possess and use marijuana for medical purposes, which is typically marijuana with a high THC level in comparison to other strains available for recreational use. However, clinics will be able to dispense marijuana with various TCH levels for different conditions.

This has created an interest for individuals and business to open marijuana clinics and dispensaries in the state. The Florida Department of Health will begin providing licensees as of October 2017.

Important Facts

In the state of Florida, there will be several qualifying factors that will be required to obtain the license needed for the marijuana clinic. These are very similar to what other states use, including those states that have legalized the sale of recreational cannabis through licensed dispensaries or clinics.

Basic requirements such applicants have to be 21 years of age, and a resident of Florida will need to be met. The applicant or group that is applying has to have a clean record with regards to non-discharged felonies, cannot have any prior felony convictions for controlled substances and must be current with all child support and or any other types of required payments, which includes taxes and similar financial obligations.

Additionally, applicants cannot have a conflict of interest with the license. In other words, a doctor prescribing medical marijuana cannot also own a marijuana dispensary or clinic. Likewise, a person involved in the law or prosecution of individuals is also prohibited from applying for the license.

The individual or group will also need to have an approved premises and location for the business. The application will require the business name as well as required information on all owners plus the application fee.

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