How to Light a Gas Fireplace: A Guide for Homeowners

A gas fireplace can offer warmth, charm, heat and even light for your home. It can be the perfect addition to any home, and can even offer greater safety than what is possible with a wood-burning fireplace. However, there are some differences you’ll experience here, including learning how to light a gas fireplace. If you are the new owner of a gas fireplace, there is good news – lighting it is simple.

Find the Controls

The first step in how to light a gas fireplace is to find the controls. These will usually be located under a protective cover, and will most likely be located on the bottom of the fireplace, but they may be elsewhere. You should see a control knob with ON, OFF, and PILOT written on it. There will also be a push-button igniter.

Pilot Light

Once you have found the controls, check to see if the pilot light is lit. Depending on whether the pilot light is burning, you’ll need to take different steps.

On: If the pilot light is already lit, you only need to turn the knob to ON. This will automatically allow the gas to flow into the logs, and will ignite it from the pilot light flame. Note that some systems may allow you to do this from a remote, or from a thermostat outside of the fireplace. However, it will only operate if the pilot light is already lit.

Not On: If the pilot light is not on, you’ll need to take different steps. First, check to see what position the control knob is in. If it is any position other than OFF, you will need to turn it to OFF and then wait several minutes to allow any gas to dissipate. Next, turn the knob to PILOT and press the igniter. The pilot light should light now, although you may need to press the igniter more than once. When the pilot light is lit, turn the knob to ON, and the fire will light.

These are the basic steps in how to light a gas fireplace. However, the exact procedure you follow may vary depending on the fireplace model that you have in your home. You may also need to troubleshoot the gas supply if you are unable to get the pilot light to ignite, particularly if you are connected to a gas tank, rather than a city gas line.

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