How to Know When Your Fireplace Needs Repairs

A crackling fire can create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home, but do you know the signs to watch for to keep your fireplace running safely? Fireplaces and flues need maintenance to run properly. The following signs indicate that it’s time to call for fireplace repairs in West Michigan.

Is Your Firebox Rusting?

The base of your fireplace where your fire burns are called the firebox. Rusting isn’t normal in this area and can cause holes or cracks in the surrounding walls that can be hazardous. If you find rust or corrosion in your firebox, don’t light anything. Call your repair man to prevent a fire from spreading through your home.

Do Your Bricks Have White Stains?

White stains on your fireplace’s walls or face are called efflorescence. They’re caused by moisture in the bricks that raises salt to their surface, creating a powdery material that you can brush away with your fingers. Too much moisture can break down your masonry, so be sure to have it fixed right away.

Are You Experiencing Spalling or Disintegrating Mortar?

Spalling is when masonry flakes off of the bricks your fireplace is made of. Both that and mortar disintegration are caused by too much moisture in the brickwork. When your mortar or masonry crumble, it can cause your fireplace to cave. You can prevent this dangerous situation by calling for fireplace repairs in West Michigan.

Is Your Flue Dropping Tiles?

Every fireplace has tiles at the top of the flue to keep the fire’s noxious byproducts from damaging your chimney. When they fall, it’s called shaling. You’ll notice this when flue tiles are found in your firebox. Don’t light a fire until this problem is remedied or you may end up causing damage to your home.

Whether you use your fireplace only during winter months or sporadically year round, you want to give it the proper care it needs to keep your home and your family safe. If you see any of the above signs, it’s important to call and schedule fireplace repairs in West Michigan. Visit the website  for more information.

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