How to Get the Most from Your Commercial Landscape Lighting Fixtures

If you run a business, you may spend a great deal of your resources on advertising and signage. However, the appearance of your landscape can also make a big difference. Here are some helpful tips for getting the most from your commercial landscape lighting fixtures.

Focus in the Right Directions

If you want to highlight a building or special landscape feature, it’s usually best to use light fixtures in the ground focusing upward. For pathways and sidewalks, consider ground lighting that’s a few feet from the ground.

Don’t Forget the Shadows

Look over the land to see if there are any dark spots. These are the areas you should consider adding light to. Dark areas are an invitation to thieves and customers may be more likely to trip or fall. By adding commercial landscape lighting fixtures to the dark areas, you may decrease your liability and theft claims.

Light Your Steps

All outdoor steps need plenty of light. If the area is out-of-the-way or hard to access, consider using solar lights. You won’t have to install any wiring, and the installation process is easy.

Water Features

Areas like pools and fountains need a great deal of light. Make sure to install waterproof commercial landscape lighting fixtures around all your water features.

Dusk to Dawn

If you want to make sure your landscape is lit every night of the week, consider automatic lighting systems. You don’t need sensors for every fixture, just install a photo sensor at the power source, if you use a low-voltage lighting system, this is the transformer. The sensor needs to be installed in series with your power circuit.

Cut Costs

To keep your costs down, consider a high-quality LED lighting system. The initial cost is higher, but you’ll save on maintenance and power bills for many years.

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