How to get the most effective earwigs treatment in Maui

It is easy to tell earwigs by their pincers which are located in the front part of their heads. These pests are very common in Maui and can be challenging to get rid of. Thankfully, there are experienced professionals that have the right tools, methods, and techniques to get rid of earwigs once and for all. They can provide the effective earwig treatment Maui homeowners are looking for. In addition, they offer follow up maintenance so the property stays free and clear for good.

Get rid of high moisture environments – Earwigs love moisture so when trying to perform earwig treatment, Maui homeowners should be aware of this fact. By getting rid of the moisture indoors or in the exterior, you can be assured of reducing the proliferation of earwigs once and for all.

Direct water away from the home – If too much water builds up around the perimeter of the home, this can create a prime location for earwigs to spread. Make sure to direct water away from the home using the right rain gutters and spouts. This will keep your home free and clear of earwigs and help you to maintain a cleanly environment for your home.

Keep water out with weatherstripping – For the best earwigs treatment, Maui residents can benefit from putting in caulking and weatherstripping to keep water out. This is one of the best methods and techniques for reducing the prevalence of earwigs at your property.

Use stones and gravel to keep them out – Stones and gravel are attractive and decorative borders and they are also effective at keeping earwigs out. You can have gravel professionally placed or you can place these yourself for the best earwigs treatment Maui homes need.

Follow these tips to keep earwigs out of your home for good.

Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC can provide the effective earwigs treatment Maui homeowners need. Find out more when you visit them online at You can also connnct them on Facebook.

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