How to Encourage Small Businesses to Offer Retirement Financial Planning

It goes without saying today that having a retirement account is necessary. As a retirement plan administrator or other professional, you know just how many people work well into their 60’s and 70’s because they financially have to. You may know that the Social Security that many people are counting on is not so guaranteed any longer. But, how do you convince small business owners, who are often strapped for funds and limited on benefits, to offer retirement financial planning to their employees? It can seem like an impossible scenario.

What Are You Doing for Them?

A good place to start is to look at things from the small business owner or manager’s viewpoint. They want to know what offering retirement financial planning to their employees is really going to do for them – and for their bottom line. The key things to point out here is that any investment they make out of pocket will come back to them many times over.

A good example is what employees expect. Small businesses often have a handful of employees. Each one of those people needs to be a top performer at his or her job. No top performer is going to work with a company that doesn’t offer a retirement account even in the most basic of forms.

Then, consider how easy you can make it for you. They don’t need to worry about moving money and handling their employees’ investing. You need to convince them that they really can pass along many of the fees to their employees, leaving them with no real reason not to offer such a service to their workers. In short, retirement financial planning really defines where people work, and it does not have to be hard to manage.

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