How to Clean Commercial Hand Dryers

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

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Many commercial hand dryers are made of stainless steel, which can give a restroom a sleek and sanitized appearance. However, stainless steel can get discoloration from certain cleaning products, such as concentrated disinfectant or chlorine, as well as simple dust. To keep your stainless steel commercial hand dryers looking great, World Dryer has some tips for you.

Turn off the power to the hand dryer, and start with a mild detergent. Just warm soapy water using something that is very mild works just fine to clean the hand dryer. You don’t want to soak the dryer, because the electrical components inside shouldn’t get wet. Use this mixture to wipe down the outside very well.

Next, be sure to use clean water with no soap or detergent, to wipe the hand dryer down again. This removes streaks left behind by the soapy mixture. Finally, dry the hand dryer with a soft cloth. Be sure to get it completely dry with no dampness left behind.

There are products specifically made for cleaning stainless steel, which can help make the appliance last a lot longer. If you want the best look for your commercial hand dryers, using a stainless steel cleaner is a great option. While all stainless steel can get some discoloration over time, using these tips can help you keep your fixtures in great shape.

Why Does Stainless Steel Get Stained?

If it’s called stainless steel, how does it get discoloration – in other words, stains? Well, stainless steel is a metal, which means that it can be corroded. Stainless steel does a great job of resisting corrosion, but not when it is allowed to get wet without being dried right away. And certain chemical products can harm stainless steel’s ability to resist corrosion on a molecular level.

These two situations – a wet hand dryer, and a powerful chemical – are often found in public restrooms. This is why it’s a good idea to include drying the commercial hand dryers, and giving them a gentle clean, to the maintenance list for your property.

World Dryer offers many commercial hand dryers that can help you maintain a sanitary and attractive restroom. Keep them well-maintained with regular washing and drying, and you can easily make the experience in your building a great one for any guests or employees. Keep the restrooms hygienic and convenient for the comfort of all.

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