How to Choose the Right UV Flatbed Printer for Your Printing Needs

Flatbed printers are efficient machines that can produce high-quality prints at a much faster rate than other printing methods. However, these printers are also costly. Before leasing or buying a printer, you should know what features to look for.

To find the right UV flatbed printer for your printing needs, consider the following details.

Consider the Size of the Printer Bed

You should first consider the size of the images that you need to print. The size of your prints will determine the size of the UV flatbed printer bed that you require. However, you should also consider the possibility of printing multiple images.

If the images that you produce measure less than 10 x 12-inches, a small-format printer will allow you to print one image at a time. By purchasing a mid-format printer, you may have the option of printing two or more images at once, helping to boost production.

Consider the Height of the UV Printer

Most flatbed printers allow you to print on thick materials. However, the allowable height varies. The average UV flatbed printer will allow materials up to five or six inches thick, while smaller printers may only allow a height just under two inches.

Printing on taller items allows you to increase the versatility of your printing capabilities. With a taller printer, you may offer your customers a wider range of services.

Consider the Power Consumption of the Printer

People often overlook the importance of power consumption when shopping for a UV flatbed printer. If you want to conserve energy, you should pay attention to the wattage and amperage requirements of the printer.

There are many other features to look at before buying or leasing a flatbed printer. You may also want to inquire about the software, technical support, and the cost of inks. While UV printers provide a superior solution for quality printing, you should still take the time to find a printer that best meets your needs.

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