How to Choose an OBGYN in Norman, OK

Obstetricians are doctors that specialize in pregnancy and childbirth. Gynecologists receive training in treating disorders and diseases affecting the female reproductive system. Often physicians specialize in both these fields and are colloquially referred to as OBGYNs. Regular visits to an OBGYN are essential for any woman once she hits puberty, not just those who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Visits to screen for issues like STDs, STIs, and cervical cancer should be scheduled regularly. Many diseases affecting the reproductive system can be easily treated if they are detected early, but can be fatal if allowed to progress. Yearly pap smears to check for cervical cancer are essential. If detected early, it can be treated with nothing more than a simple operation. But if allowed to spread, treatment becomes much more of a challenge and its success rate decreases over time.

In the absence of the need for further specialization, choosing an OBGYN is mostly a matter of personal preference. Many women prefer to find a female doctor when dealing with reproductive health, even if their primary care physicians are male. Whether or not gender is a concern, it may be helpful to schedule meetings with several doctors to ensure an acceptable level of comfort. Some of the issues that come up in regards to reproductive organs can be awkward, and many female patients find that they have to try a few doctors before finding one that they can trust and speak comfortably with.

Women with known preexisting conditions such as cervical, uterine, or ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, and known or suspected infertility problems may want to find a doctor with additional specialties in these areas. And those who are considering having children may want to find a doctor whose practice focuses primarily on obstetrics. Older women approaching menopause should know that many OBGYNs also offer hormone therapy treatments to help relieve the symptoms of menopause. These treatments have been proven to be safe and effective.

Lifes Cycle provides comprehensive care for a wide spectrum of gynecological issues, including infertility, hormone therapy, cancer screening, and birth control. They are currently enrolling new patients looking for an OBGYN in Norman OK.

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