How to Choose a House Painting Service

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Painting

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Choosing a house painting service can be a delicate business. There are many factors to consider in choosing the best company for the job.


Is the company experienced and what about that experience? Certainly, a quality company will have longevity and along with that longevity comes many testimonials from customers. Ask friends and family who they would recommend and do some personal research by talking to a few customers. Investigate online rating sites and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Customer Service

Does the company respond to your enquiries in a timely manner? Do they listen to your input and desires respectfully? What have other customers said about their timeliness and cleanup? Do they follow-up with customers after the job ends?

Appropriate Materials

In Kansas City MO, for example, the Winter is not as extreme as upstate New York. The quality of paint needs to match the weather conditions. Kansas City MO rarely gets temperatures lower than twenty-five degrees, but when it does, will the paint hold up to the change? How do houses painted by the company look many years down the road? According to, when done right, an exterior house painting job should last from two to ten years.

Credentials and Insurance

Professional companies train their employees to the highest standards. What accreditations do the company hold and their employees? Are they licensed according to or beyond local and state requirements? A great company goes beyond minimum requirements. Do you want to hire a company that only gets by with the minimums? Does the house painting service have appropriate liability, and workman’s comp insurance?

Spring for the Best Paint

A house painting company will give you a choice of paints or stains. You may save a few dollars with cheaper materials, but in the long run you will regret not spending the extra for the best quality. We learn through experience age-old adage, “you get what you pay for” is true.

Do your homework before you choose a painting company and you will be well pleased with the results.

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