How To Choose A Beer Bottle Filler

by | May 27, 2016 | Brewhouse

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If you have a product, you need to package it. When it comes to beer, this means choosing between cans and bottles. If you choose the latter, you have to choose the right piece of equipment for the task. This is a beer bottle filler. Before purchasing it, however, you need to sit down and consider what you expect as well as what you need.

Choosing Bottle Fillers: Basic Questions

If you go online, you may be astounded by the wealth of information on bottle fillers. You may even be amazed at the options presented to you. You need to consider carefully all of them. You will need to ask yourself certain questions before you can narrow down the selection.

Ask yourself the following:

 * Current Production Level: How many bottles do you plan to fill? Consider the amount in both minutes and hours? Will the machine measure up to your demands? Is it made to handle large or small numbers of bottles?
 * Future Production Level: Never restrict your concerns to the present. You need to be prepared to expand. When it occurs, is the bottling system you have capable of doing more? Will it require any major (and costly) adjustments? Can you upgrade it to meet your future needs, or will you have to replace it?
 * Manual, Semi-Automatic or Automatic: Do you want to start with a manual beer bottle filler? Would you prefer to be automated from the start? Both have their place in the brewing industry. The automated system, however, is more capable of meeting the requirements of a brewery on the rise.
 * Inline or Rotary Filling: Rotary machines are popular among beer brewers. Inline filling machines are cost-effective and rather easy to adjust. Inline fillers are also easy to customize. While rotary machines are more complex they are also faster producers

You need to consider these and other aspects of your intended bottle filling system. One particular major consideration, one never to be neglected or ignores is budget. While some systems may seem the more attractive option, they may be beyond your budget. You have to consider the price of the system against such factors as productivity, efficiency, maintenance level, and your goals.

Choosing the Best Beer Bottle Filler System

If you plan to open a brewery and prefer bottles to cans, you will need to look at your options for filling equipment. Consider such things as price, maintenance, productivity, present and future requirements and the size of your premises. Be certain to talk to the experts in this field. Only after you have gathered sufficient information, and feel prepared, should you go ahead and purchase what you hope will be the best beer bottle filler possible.

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