How to Buy a High-Speed Hand Dryer

If you have decided to buy a high-speed hand dryer, you probably understand the economic and environmental benefits of these devices. Fast drying hand dryers are available in a variety of models, so choosing the right one for your application is important. Here are some tips for buying a high-speed hand dryer.

Check the Wiring

Not every commercial hand dryer works with every type of wiring. If you purchase one that is incompatible with your current electrical capabilities, you must contract with an electrician to change your wiring. That can be an expensive hassle. When choosing the right dryer for your project, try to find a compatible one. Dryers with universal voltage are usually a smart pick for most jobs.

Look at Electrical Consumption

Not every hand dryer is friendly to your utility bill. When choosing a dryer, carefully look at how much electricity it consumes. Try to find a dryer that is energy efficient. They do exist. In fact, some high-quality dryers use as much as 70 percent less electricity than other models. If you choose an efficient dryer at the outset, you will save a fortune on utility costs over the life of your unit.

Ask about Motor Life

Like any electrical appliance, fast drying hand dryers have motors that eventually will wear out. Dryer manufacturers test their products to determine the average life of a dryer motor. They also receive feedback from their customers. If you ask about the typical motor life for your dryer before you purchase it, you can buy one that will last a long time.

See If It Has a Filter

An electric hand dryer is essentially a high-powered fan that effectively circulates air. Because of this, it can also circulate germs and other pollutants. Check to see that your dryer has an effective filter to help contain the spread of contaminants.

Fast drying hand dryers are great for commercial applications for a variety of reasons. By doing a bit of investigating, you can choose the right dryer for your project. Visit

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