How to become a successful car dealer in California?

by | Nov 10, 2011 | Car Dealer

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Car dealership has become a lucrative business option for many. However in order to become a car dealer and get into the business of buying and selling old and new cars, you need to keep certain things in mind. The following steps need to be followed to ensure success.

a)     Have a checklist ready: Before you become a car dealer you need to make a checklist, to understand what items need your immediate attention. After completing the chart, you should organize the list by arranging the items according to their priority. Such a list will ensure that you stay on track and ensure that the application process is completed without any problems.

b)    Have a clear knowledge of the California state laws: If you want to become a car dealer in California then you need to know the state laws that apply to the business. It is absolutely necessary for a car dealer to know the laws pertaining to the automobile industry. This knowledge will help you in protecting yourself, as well as your present and future customers. Keep in mind that nothing can replace a good knowledge base.

c)     Go for a training session: If you want to be a dealer of used cars then you can consider taking training session on the subject. You would have to attend a six hour training class and pass an exam having forty questions. Though you would be able to find several organizations that provide the required training sessions, you would need to check whether California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has approved the provider. After successfully completing the training, you must provide the original certificate of completion, from the education provider, to the DMV.

d)    Always have duplicate copies: Along with your application you should have duplicate copies of some other papers. These include the following:

1)     Your business license

2)     Resale permit from the state’s Board of Equalization

3)     Statement of the business name

4)     Lease or rental agreement for the business establishment.

5)     Photograph of the establishment showing its entrance, vehicles displayed, sign and the location image.

e)     Submitting the application: After you have checked the list and taken care off all the requirements, you would have to submit the application.

f)     Paying all the fees: You also need to pay some fees before you become a car dealer. You can enquire from the DMV, the amount you need to pay before you apply for a license as a car dealer, so that you can buy and sell cars or deal in used and new cars.

Car Dealer In California?

Car Dealer In California?

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