How to Avoid Problems with Contact Lenses

Vision problems and eye injuries related to the use of contact lenses can be easily avoided by steering clear of some types of behavior that could be considered risky. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly all of the 41 million people that wear contacts in this country could be engaging in some type of behavior that could lead to an eye infection.

Increased Risk

Close to one-third of the contact wears who recently participated in a national study reported trips to the eye doctor due to pain or redness associated with contact lenses. Almost all of the respondents admitted to at least one act of risky behavior.

The risky behavior reported included wearing the contacts for longer than the recommended amount of time. Over half of the people surveyed said that they wear their contacts while they are sleeping. Others claim to only top up the solution in their lens case, as opposed to emptying the case and adding new solution. Each of these behaviors have been determined by previous research to increase the risk of eye infection by as much as five times or more.

Learning Good Behavior

As long as you are mindful about using proper hygiene, it is possible to wear contact lenses safely without the risk of injury or infection. Really all it takes is listening to your eye doctor about proper eye and lens care.

Always wash your hand with soap and water before touching your lenses. After washing your hands, be sure to dry them on something free of lint and dirt, such as a clean paper towel.

Before you jump in the swimming pool, take a shower or go to sleep, you should take out your contact lenses. Each time to take them out, be sure to rinse and rub the contacts with a disinfecting solution.

When you are not using your lens case, be sure to rub and rinse it with contact solution. Then, dry it completely with a clean tissue and store it upside down until you need it. You will need to replace your lens case at least every three months.

Never just top up the solution in your lens case, instead you should always empty and refill with clean solution. In addition, always carry a pair of glasses, contact solution and a clean lens case with you. This way, you will be prepared should you ever need to remove your contact lenses in Grand Rapids.

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